Chyna of WWF World Wrestling Federation


World Wrestling Entertainment

36 year-old Joanie Laurer, professionally known as Chyna, isn’t your average womens pro wrestling participant by any means but she's a big draw for people buying WWE tickets. She is an established actress and author (Biography, If They Only Knew), has produced a workout video and made personal appearances around the country. Born in Londonderry, New Hampshire on December 27th, this woman has a definite flare for knowing what can be achieved by sheer will-power.

Prior to wrestling, this lady graduated college, where she held a double major in Spanish literature. Upon graduation Joanie joined the Peace Corps, and was sent to Costa Rica.

She attended Killer Kowalski’s school of wrestling in 1995 and was voted “Rookie of the year” in 1996 by the PGWA. She then went on to becoming part of the WWF family in 1997, officially debuting as Chyna. She was physically one of the largest women the wrestling world had seen thus far and was referred to as “The Ninth Wonder of the World”. Her famous “low blow” made it easy for her to win matches.

In 1998 she returned to WWF with a reconstructed jaw line and breast implants. Having won the respect of fans she became the first woman to compete in a Royal Rumble PPV. In August 2000 she regained the Intercontinental Title after Commissioner Mike Foly set up an Intergender Tag Team Match. This match gained Chyna the Intercontinental Championship title for the 2nd time in her career.

While Chyna continues to pursue an acting career along with making public appearances, she proved that women can make it in the male world of wrestling and do it with pure class!